Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 10 Apps That Make Your Life More Efficient

Inventions have always been made because a need was felt to do a certain work more easily and in less time. Hence, need is the mother of invention. Inventors are always coming up with stuff that makes working easier and fun. Along the same lines, smart phones are smart because of the efficient apps that can be installed and used. These apps are ideas that come from people who wanted to make people lives more efficient. So buckle up, here’s the list of top 10 apps that increase your daily efficiency.

10. Waze

The most convenient travelling app you will find. Don’t worry about traffic blues if you have this in your phone. It a community based app for travellers and has a series of wonderful features like checking for road closures with its real time reports.

9. Sleep Cycle

Need a personal sleep trainer, just install Sleep Cycle that takes care of your sleeping routine and wakes you up accordingly with its alarm clock. It basically helps you wake up fresh and not drained; active and alert to have a productive day.

8. Whatsapp

Talk about going global. This app helps you get through to your friends and family who live millions of miles away across seas and staying connected despite high international calling rates and taxes! Friends and family are now just a text away. Use your wifi connection Or 3G to connect globally anywhere in the world using Whatsapp. Convenience at its best!

7. 1Password

One key to many locks! 1Password is such an app that helps you save time by storing all the passwords in one safe location. Its like one master key to all the locked doors, no need to worry about the innumerable passwords you’ve kept for with various online documents and properties.

6. The Eatery

One stop diet plan is The Eatery. No need for diet control journals or expensive online diet planning trainers. Just take a picture of the food that you eat over a specific period of time and this app analyses it for you; compiles all the related data, gives you results on your dietary habits and how they need to be improved. Want to make a change in your eating patterns? This is the app to start it with.

5. Duolingo

This free and convenient app helps you learn as many languages as you can! May it be German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Arabic or English, install Duolingo and get the best learning experience by interacting with people from other languages and cultures.

4. Venmo

Pay you debts and your bills or even your friends’ using this app. No need to carry around cash. It makes it easier for everyone to pay each other in a very secure environment. Only add your trusted friends and exchange money after confirming it, so no need to worry about sending it off to strangers.

3. Mailbox

Manage you emails and inbox with this app. The purpose is to keep your inbox at its minimum. Make you emails more efficient by deleting or putting them on snooze at your will.

2. Sign Easy
No need to scan, fax and print to sign a document. Use this app to do it on your smartphone. An easy to use app to sign and send documents online and digitally. Why waste paper!

1. Amount

Want to convert huge amounts from one measurement to another? Get Amount! Stop wasting time to do the math, just input figures and covert them. Convert weights,currency, distances, anything and everything with numbers.


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